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Prayer by St. Benedict on his feast day

Prayer by St. Benedict for seekers of Faith:

Gracious and Holy Father,

give us the wisdom to discover You,

the intelligence to understand You,

the diligence to seek after You,

the patience to wait for You,

eyes to behold You,

a heart to meditate upon You,

and a life to proclaim You,

through the power of the Spirit of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

When the call doesn’t sound like you think it should

Does your heart break?
Do your eyes water?
Knowing that what you imagined
what you hoped
may never be.

Tell me what do you do then?
Locked in the upper room
of your being
Scared to emerge into the reality
of what is.
For fear
For distress
For anger
For dying
All may be lost in this moment.

And what remains?
A call you thought you knew
A love that has seemingly disappeared
All is lost, including you.

How then do you begin again
rise again
When the call doesn’t sound like you remember
doesn’t feel the same deep within your soul
When stripped bare you take account of what’s been lost
Pause and hold it there.
What is worth it
What does your heart tell your head
not vice versa

For this is the realm of the heart.
Real life felt- lost and found.
There are no solutions
only questions or substitutions
the choice is yours

What remains we must engage
or the tomb wins out
Death’s victory
Lost only to the one lost enough to find,
grieved enough to feel,
loved enough to behold
a body risen, a call revealed, a hope revived.

  • Sr. Colleen Gibson, ssj

Just breathe

To pray is to breathe, Do it deeply and you will be filled with life. My God, I breathe out my fears and breathe in your strength, I breathe out my confusion and breathe in your peace, I breathe out my resentments and breathe in your love. I praise you with every breath I take!

-Author Unknown



Trust your truth

May you embrace your messy, beautiful, heart-centered life, and always always follow and trust your truth.

Author and Artist Kelly Rae Roberts


A Prayer for Time with God

Find a quiet space to be alone with God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

Allow your breathing to slow and to center yourself in God’s presence. As for the grace to be open to God’s presence and to this time and for insight.

God, our Father, I come to you today asking for your blessing and help as I continue to understand who you are calling me to ‘be’ in life. I pray for guidance and ask that you fill me with your spirit. Help me to know both yours and my desire to know which steps to take to seek how best to follow you – if it is to be a sister in religious life or not. I ask that you challenge me to reach higher and farther and be the best I can be.


“Vocations are born in prayer and from prayer; and only in prayer can they persevere and bear fruit. Vocations invitation, which is the responsibility of every Catholic, must follow the same steps Jesus used when interacting with people. “Jesus stopped and met the gaze of the other, without rushing, this is what makes his call attractive and fascinating. Jesus did not stay in a “secure fortress,” but set out into the cities and villages, pausing to listen to the people he came across, taking in the desire of those who sought him out, the delusion of a failed night of fishing, the burning thirst of a woman who went to the well to get water or the strong need to change one’s life. In the same way, instead of reducing faith to a book of recipes or a collection of norms to observe, we can help young people ask the right questions, to set out on their journey and discover the joy of the Gospel.” Pope Francis

Conversation Pause with Jesus


Touch into your attraction to Jesus. Picture him saying your name and wanting to get to know you. Rest in Jesus’ presence. What do you want to share with him? If Jesus is asking you to follow him more closely as a sister, have a conversation with Jesus about it. What draws you and maybe at the same time what questions come to mind that you want to talk about with Jesus? Jot down in a journal highlights you want to remember and the feelings you experienced during your conversation with Jesus. What is Jesus calling you to do next? If there is no insight, ask Jesus, what do you want me to do next? Who can you talk to about next steps or what you believe Jesus is calling you to do? Can you take the next step? When will you do that?

Thank Jesus for any insights and for this conversation.

End your prayer with:

Lord, when my faith falters as it often does, may I hear your gentle voice saying to me, “Courage! Do not be afraid.” In that moment, Lord, may your divine power uphold me, calm my fears, steady my nerves, and enable me to steer our boat to a place of safety and peace, beyond the wind and the waves. Amen

St. Therese of Lisieux, on prayer

“For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy.”

I offer myself

Lord, in the sincerity of my heart, I offer myself to You this day, to be Your servant forever, to serve You, and to become a sacrifice of perpetual praise to You.   –St. Therese of Lisieux

Live each day like it’s your first

Live each day as though it’s your first. If we live each day full of wonder and appreciation while discovering a genuine sense of joy, I believe that motivation for our truest passion would be more likely to present itself…I would argue that we can deal with day-to-day routine and responsibilities while pursuing our passion. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Leanne Delle, Writer and Registered Nurse



Helping to fill a need

What need can you help meet today? Who can you walk with in their time of joy or pain or loss? Try today to recognize a place where your gifts meet someone’s need and stay until the need is gone.

Nick Stein, YAM Summit in Washington, DC


Honoring our Foundress, Mère Josephine Potel (1799-1826)

From May 6-9, we recall the anniversary of the death of our founder, Josephine Potel.

In her short two years as leader and inspiration of ‘’Good help to those in need’’ she began the health care mission that serves to this day and has expanded beyond the imagination of those first sisters.

She and her sisters would work in the midst of and close to the disinherited of this world and those of greater means, and she would speak to others of God by the living sermon of her example and selflessness.

The first Sisters of Bon Secours braved public opinion and dedicated themselves in the world to the care of the sick; where their only safe guard would be their modesty and where God alone would oversee their actions.

We pray to Josephine to open our hearts, enlighten our minds, and support our efforts to be radically available as we strive to address and alleviate the poverty and illnesses that ravage our world today.

When she died there were 48 professed Sisters and 20 Novices to continue the ‘’Good Help’’ she initiated. We implore you, Josephine to encourage us to believe, hope, pray for and work toward enabling many women to follow and serve the Healing Mission of Jesus as Sisters of Bon Secours.


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