Meet a Sister

Sister Anne Marie Mack
I can't imagine doing anything else!

From days as a Girl Scout to life today as a Sister of Bon Secours, Sister Anne Marie is truly inspired by the wonderful journey she’s called to walk with community members following in the footsteps of Jesus.

My Life

Whenever I get a chance, I like to visit art museums! It’s fascinating to study paintings and sculptures and try to imagine what the artist was thinking.
In my leadership role with Bon Secours Health System, I’ve had unique opportunities locally in Richmond and all over the globe! Through our local partnership with the Washington Redskins football team, I even met their star running back, Alfred Morris!
Working with talented men and women dedicated to our Bon Secours mission is a gift. As colleagues, we try to improve the health and well-being of people all over Richmond and beyond. These are some of my colleagues who serve together in ministry.
Because we’re an international community, I’ve traveled to other countries where we’re located – which is really neat. Here’s Hermana Noelia and I in Peru, enjoying ourselves as we catch up, even with my basic Spanish and her basic English.
How lucky am I to be a part of a community with my best friends? These are women that I can always count on and we all have the same goal in mind as we serve and spread the Gospel of Jesus.
God’s central in my life and taking a quiet moment in the Chapel at our Richmond hospital keeps me centered in what’s important in ministry.