Becoming a Sister
Imagine ...
serving others with joy
embracing a community with love
laughing until it hurts
following your greatest aspirations
creating positive change in the world
encountering God in the silence of prayer
being fully alive each day

Becoming a Sister

It All Begins With a Dream

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Have you ever felt that nudge to do something or a yearning for something more in life? We are all seeking something – to be in love, to feel secure, to share our talents, to know that are work is valued, to have good friends, to make the world a better place. Each one of us has hopes and dreams for who we would like to become and how our world should be. More than just superficial wants or needs, we recognize these longings as the deepest desires of our hearts.

God’s Desire for Your Life

Lightstock PhotoGod has a dream, too. We come to know God’s dream for us by identifying our passions, honing our skills, and listening for God’s voice in prayer. It takes time to hear God’s voice and courage to following God’s call. God’s dream looks a little bit different for everyone, but ultimately, God’s dream is that all people will come to know Christ’s love. We discover our vocation when we respond to the invitation to share God’s love with those around us.

Discovering Your Deepest Desires

amenic181 / 123RF Stock PhotoOur vocation is not “out there” in some distant faraway place. We don’t have to go someplace else to find it. In some ways, our vocation is already happening. It is unfolding right now, even as we speak.

God’s dream for us – our vocation in life – is to arrive at a place where our greatest aspirations align with God’s dream for a world in need.

Just Imagine what God’s dream looks like for you!