Meet a Sister

Sister Nancy Glynn

Sister Nancy was attracted to the Sisters of Bon Secours because of our tremendous compassion for those in our care. She was a physical therapist when she entered our congregation and later was Formation Director, a Spiritual Director and a Mission Leader in Bon Secours hospitals. She loved all these ministries and shares one experience that stands out as a highlight of her life as a Sister of Bon Secours.

My Life

We live in a wonderful house in inner city Baltimore. Our sisters have been in this neighborhood since 1881. We are surrounded by the richness of our mission to this inner city area. Gathering for dinner in the evening gives us a chance to share the experiences of our day.
Our ill and very elderly Sisters are cared for in our infirmary called, “Marian Hall”. Their prayers are a powerhouse of support to those of us in the active ministry. When we have meetings at our Provincial House in Marriottsville, they join us and participate fully in our discussions and decisions.
My family tries to get together for a family vacation every few years. This photo was taken at Nags Head in North Carolina during the summer of 2010. We gathered from Colorado, Pennsylvania and Maryland to enjoy a week at the beach. It is especially wonderful to have the newest members of the family with us.
I enjoy serving on the Board of Directors of Bon Secours St Francis Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. I am constantly impressed with the dedication of the other board members who volunteer their time and share their expertise. An important role of the board is to assure that the healing mission of Jesus is at the forefront of all the activities of the hospital.