Picture Yourself as a Sister

How can you use your gifts and talents?

What does life as a sister look like? If you’ve never met a sister, it might be hard to imagine. Sisters are real women – a lot like you and me! They value friendship and find joy in their ministry. Most of all, sisters are uniquely committed to their relationship with God and dedicate their lives to serving others. Each religious order embraces a way of life that enables them to love God more fully and serve others more readily. Examples include apostolic, monastic and contemplative communities. There are many options to explore.

  • Ministry

    Sisters fulfill a mission in a wide variety of ways, including all aspects of healthcare, social services, spirituality and education. What are your interests? Explore them here.

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  • Community Lifestyle

    Do you understand the differences between an apostolic religious lifestyle and a contemplative or a monastic lifestyle. Many people don't. Lets explore which one is right for you!

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