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A Prayer for Time with God

Find a quiet space to be alone with God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

Allow your breathing to slow and to center yourself in God’s presence. As for the grace to be open to God’s presence and to this time and for insight.

God, our Father, I come to you today asking for your blessing and help as I continue to understand who you are calling me to ‘be’ in life. I pray for guidance and ask that you fill me with your spirit. Help me to know both yours and my desire to know which steps to take to seek how best to follow you – if it is to be a sister in religious life or not. I ask that you challenge me to reach higher and farther and be the best I can be.


“Vocations are born in prayer and from prayer; and only in prayer can they persevere and bear fruit. Vocations invitation, which is the responsibility of every Catholic, must follow the same steps Jesus used when interacting with people. “Jesus stopped and met the gaze of the other, without rushing, this is what makes his call attractive and fascinating. Jesus did not stay in a “secure fortress,” but set out into the cities and villages, pausing to listen to the people he came across, taking in the desire of those who sought him out, the delusion of a failed night of fishing, the burning thirst of a woman who went to the well to get water or the strong need to change one’s life. In the same way, instead of reducing faith to a book of recipes or a collection of norms to observe, we can help young people ask the right questions, to set out on their journey and discover the joy of the Gospel.” Pope Francis

Conversation Pause with Jesus


Touch into your attraction to Jesus. Picture him saying your name and wanting to get to know you. Rest in Jesus’ presence. What do you want to share with him? If Jesus is asking you to follow him more closely as a sister, have a conversation with Jesus about it. What draws you and maybe at the same time what questions come to mind that you want to talk about with Jesus? Jot down in a journal highlights you want to remember and the feelings you experienced during your conversation with Jesus. What is Jesus calling you to do next? If there is no insight, ask Jesus, what do you want me to do next? Who can you talk to about next steps or what you believe Jesus is calling you to do? Can you take the next step? When will you do that?

Thank Jesus for any insights and for this conversation.

End your prayer with:

Lord, when my faith falters as it often does, may I hear your gentle voice saying to me, “Courage! Do not be afraid.” In that moment, Lord, may your divine power uphold me, calm my fears, steady my nerves, and enable me to steer our boat to a place of safety and peace, beyond the wind and the waves. Amen

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