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The guy who stole my parking space – and other gifts

Each day, Bon Secours employees receive a “Daily Reflection” email, often submitted by a colleague. Today’s reflection was submitted by Alex Garvey and reminds us to think of how God speaks to us during those imperfect situations we all face. 

“Isn’t it amazing how we always seem to surround ourselves with people who look like, or sound like, or even, think like we do! We form circles of like-minded friends gathering together to share common interest. This could be natural, I suppose, or often unconscious paring. But did you ever wonder about the other people God puts in our path? You know, the loud person in the work place, or that guy who always seems to get the better parking spot, or the bigger office, or the one that “people love.”  You know the person you would have a hard time acknowledging in the grocery store. Did you ever wonder why God has “Blessed” you with the gift of their presence?

I don’t know about you but you but as I reflect on my life I have rarely “grown” or “developed” in times of comfort. It is safe to say the opposite is true! Perhaps difficult people and awkward situations are God’s way of reminding us that God is not finished molding our lives yet and that we still have room to grow. Perhaps, we are the “rub” in their lives! Who knows, maybe if we intentionally show kindness to this person the love of God might be all we need. Always remember, it was never between you and them… it is always between you and God.”

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