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Remain With Us, Lord

(Intercessions for Morning Prayer, November 23, 2016)

Blessed by God our Savior, who promised to remain with his Church all days, until the end of the world. Let us give him thanks and call out:
Remain with us, Lord.

Remain with us the whole day, Lord,
– let your grace be a sun that never sets.
Remain with us, Lord.

We dedicate this day to you as an offering,
– do not let us offer anything that is evil.
Remain with us, Lord.

May your gift of light pervade this whole day,
– that we may be the salt of the world.
Remain with us, Lord.

May the love of your Holy Spirit direct our hearts and our lips,
– and may we always act in accordance with your will.
Remain with us, Lord.

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