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Blessed Veronica of Binasco

Blessed Veronica of Binasco (1445-1497)

“Through a divine call to a religious and conventual state of life, she conceived a great desire to become a nun, in the poor, austere, and edifying convent of St. Martha, of the order of St. Austin in Milan. To qualify herself for this state, being busied the whole day at work, she sat up at night to learn to read and write, which the want of an instructor made a great fatigue to her. One day being in great anxiety about her learning, the Mother of God, to whom she had always recommended herself, in a comfortable vision bade her banish that anxiety: for it was enough if she knew three letters:

the first, purity of the affections, by placing her whole heart on God alone, loving no creature but in him and for him;
the second, never to murmur, or be impatient at the sins, or any behaviour of others, but to bear them with interior peace and patience, and humbly to pray for them;
the third, to set apart some time every day to meditate on the passion of Christ.”

(from Butler’s “Lives of the Saints”)

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