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Live in MY Love

“Now is the time that I veil My holiness and My justice. Do you thoroughly grasp what I am saying? Now is the time for love, long-suffering, patience, compassion, confidence in what I expect from you: your generosity, your response. That is the true picture of your God now as long as you are on your planet.”

“I implore you, live in My love every single second. I don’t force you. I never force, even with regard to My gifts. You are free to take or leave them. How often your freedom has crucified Me! And so, I wait…I wait for centuries. Don’t you realize that I’ve been waiting a long, long time for you? No two souls are alike. None other can give Me what I expect from you.”

(From “He and I” by Gabrielle Bossis, February 16, 1947 diary entry.  “He and I” is a journal/diary collection of personal interior conversations between Jesus and Bossis.)

Life as a Sister: Deepening Your Relationship With God

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