Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Mentoring and supporting youth and young adults is a sacred trust.  Have you considered the many ways to work with youth and young adults – ways to assure their future and wellbeing?  Is this where your passion and gifts are?  Whether it’s in a parish or maybe a stand-alone program to mentor youth to break the cycle of poverty in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods there are great needs to encourage youth to remain in high school and to guide them through the many  challenges they face.  Is this at the heart of your passion? Sisters are wonderful role models for youth and can help guide them through their adolescence or provide many opportunities for learning and growing.  Even working with young adults to provide faith building experiences or job internships can be fulfilling God’s plan for you.  There are lots of ways to use your gifts and talents as a Catholic sister.

Sisters use their gifts in:

  • Youth employment programs
  • Youth mentoring programs.
  • Youth at risk programs
  • After school programs
  • Youth or young adult ministry programs
  • And so on….

 Serving God and others using your gifts as a:

  • Counselor
  • Case Manager
  • Facilitator
  • Life Coach or Work Force / Job Readiness Coach
  • Program Director
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher
  • Young Adult Ministry Leader