Primary Education

Do you have a love for teaching children?  Have you thought of becoming a sister and teaching young people during their critical formative years?  What gifts do you think are needed to teach students in elementary school?  Jesus said let the little children come to him.  As a sister and teacher following in the footsteps of Jesus, how would you witness to his desire for you inspire a child to learn, to help with the process of discovering the wonders of knowledge and to bring the world alive in the classroom setting?  Maybe you see yourself making a difference by teaching and guiding young girls in 5th, 6th and 7th grade from economically challenged urban families to give them the confidence they need to go on to complete their high school education in four year, such as at Sisters Academy in Baltimore.  Can you imagine yourself a sister and teacher – who is about fostering the mind of a child?  What a gift of service!

  • Administrative Support Staff
  • Librarian
  • Life Skills Counselor
  • Teachers proficient in mathematics, science, history, religion, language, arts, music, reading, vocabulary, computer instruction and physical education