Higher Education

Whether it’s a university or a college, or a specialized institution of higher learning, sisters are found lecturing and guiding students preparing to engage the world!  Professors and instructors have a passion to see their students excel and to exceed them in their own knowledge.  Does the possibility of serving God and people stir a desire to be God’s heart and mind in our world today?  Or, perhaps your gifts and passion are to educate students in specific career oriented colleges, such as nursing, and preparing students in the healing ministry of nursing!  Specialized colleges, such as Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing, educates and prepares nurses for the needs of our future in healthcare and to carry on Jesus’ healing ministry.  Sisters can serve in all sorts of support positions in higher education as well such as in the Admissions Office!  Your gifts and talents as a sister and a professor or support role can serve as a witness to Jesus’ footprint here on earth.