Global Initiatives

Pope Francis at World Youth Day Rio 2013 said – be like the disciples who Jesus commissioned and sent to go out to the world to serve!  For a religious sister who is considered active apostolic and a “contemplative in action” it’s about availability and mobility for God.  We take God wherever we go.  If you see yourself being with people, being of service out in the world, know God will use your gifts in ways you may not have imagined yet.  Where do you see yourself in ministry?  What would it be like to use your gifts to serve a larger world, people of different cultures and ethnicity?  Many communities are international, like the Sisters of Bon Secours who are located in eight different countries. In some instances they form alliances with other Catholic religious orders and Catholic Dioceses, as well as with major charitable organizations, like Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Medical Mission Board, to better answer the needs of people we serve. Here are just a few initiatives to help your imagination along as you think about how to use your gifts in service of God’s people and creation.


  • Catechesis / Religious Education
  • Child Care and Child Development Program
  • Clothing Production
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Infant Mortality Initiative
  • Parishes and pastoral works
  • Prison Ministry
  • Safe Water/Soil Programs
  • Social Justice Initiatives / Advocacy, e.g., addressing Copper Mine contamination…
  • Youth and Young Programs


  • Clinical Resources
  • Financial Assistance
  • Medical Equipment

South Africa:

  • Catholic Parish Support
  • Family Counseling
  • Food Distribution
  • HIV/AIDS Clinic
  • Pastoral Home Visits
  • Refugee work with Zimbabwean Boys Shelter
  • Soup Kitchen


  • Higher Education