Ecological Stewardship

As citizens of the world women religious Sisters recognize that it is our job to work together to keep water supplies and lands uncontaminated, to safeguard nature preserves and to defend the rights of others.  Addressing the environment is critical today and religious sisters are in the forefront.  In support of environmental efforts, faith based Catholic ministries sponsored by women religious sisters undertake such initiatives like a four year world-wide plan to develop and implement systems for energy and waste management, efficient recycling and environmentally preferred purchasing

An example of a local community outreach program in which you can use your gifts is a program called “Clean and Green” which teaches landscaping and grounds keeping to the unemployed looking to learn new job skills.  Four hundred vacant lots in southwest Baltimore have been transformed into attractive green spaces which are consistently maintained.

Your gifts and talents as a sister are needed here too as a:

  • Engineer
  • Landscaper
  • Master Gardner
  • Materials manager
  • Program Director or Supervisor
  • Teacher in work force development