Career and Work Force Development Program

In today’s world young people drop out of school for many reasons – unfortunately it limits their job opportunities too.  It’s also not unusual to find adults needing to learn new job skills because of unemployment.  Can you see yourself using your gifts as a sister to teach young and not so young adults to learn and get a GED or learn new skills, or ?  A sister can serve as a gifted role model and mentor to people desperate to make a living for themselves and their families.  Have you considered using your gifts as an educator in this way?  You would be giving the gift of dignity to people in need.  Bon Secours of Maryland Career Development Program is an example of a program offering GED instruction for youth and adults while also providing guidance and direction in job readiness, job placement and job retention.

  • Administrator, manager and program coordinator
  • Case manager and social worker
  • Computer instructor
  • Instructor [workforce, vocational, GED/ABE, ESL]
  • And more…