Sep 25, 2018

Young Adults’ voices heard at V Encuentro

Soli Salgado, Maria Benevento, September 22, 2018 | National Catholic Reporter

Grapevine, Texas — For Gerardo Vargas, the prospect of dining with a bishop seemed like a meeting with the “undercover boss.”

“He’s the person in charge, and there are so many steps before getting to the bishop. We can’t even get to the first one, let alone the tenth [step],” said the 22-year-old youth minister from Colton, Calif.

But on Sept. 21, Vargas and 700 other young adults got the opportunity to skip straight to the last step at the dinner that closed the second night of the National V Encuentro. The dinner brought together participants ages 18-35 with the approximately 130 bishops who attended.

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