Apr 8, 2018

Sisters Chat Room: Exploring God’s Call

Sisters Chat Room

Sisters Chat Room

Sisters of Bon Secours April 8, 2018 Sisters Chat Room is designed for single Catholic women and invites discussion on a variety of topics related to exploring God’s call in one’s life.  So, how do you know if God is calling you to be a sister?  Is it unusual to begin thinking about becoming a nun – where did that thought come from?

Unusual Question not Unusual

Vocation Director, Sisters of Bon Secours, Sr. Pat Dowling

Sr. Pat Dowling, vocation director, Sisters of Bon Secours

Sister Pat Dowling, vocation director for Sisters of Bon Secours in the USA, holds a monthly chat room called – Sisters Chat Room – for women to explore these questions and much more.  Many of the questions that women have today related to becoming a nun may seem unusual given our contemporary society.  However, Sr. Pat explains, “It is not that unusual for a single Catholic women to find the question of becoming a nun raised within herself.  It happens more frequently than you might imagine.”  That said, it can happen at any age.  When allowing God into one’s life through prayer or pondering one’s life, the thought of religious life could surface.

Dealing with the Question of Becoming a Nun

Taking steps to deal with the question of whether God is calling one to be a sister probably seems a bit overwhelming or even scary.  But according to Sr. Pat, its natural to at first be quite surprised and even want to bury the thought.  Finding someone to talk about it is helpful.  Today, we may not have direct contact with a sister so finding some one to talk with might feel a bit of a challenge.  Start with your parish priest.  Tell him what you are thinking and feeling and ask for direction and for someone to talk with.  Many women out of curiosity search online today and Google Search using words like religious life, becoming a nun, Catholic sister, vocation, discernment, community, order.

Resources for Exploring and Putting your Toe in the Water

Sr. Pat started Sisters Chat Room – an online resource for single Catholic women to discuss and ask questions about becoming a nun and religious life five years ago.  Individuals find that they can ask questions and offer opinions, or share feelings with others who are also exploring God’s call.  Sr. Pat offers guidance and experience on topics raised by the women.  “It helps that someone with experience as a sister, and a vocation director, facilitates the conversation, like Sr. Pat,” says Mary Wexler, one of the online Sisters Chat Room participants.

Sisters Chat Room

So, if you are a single Catholic woman and searching for help in answering your questions about becoming a nun, give Sisters Chat Room a try.  Held monthly, a calendar of events on both http://LifeAsASister.org and http://BonSecoursVocations.org list dates and times to sign on.  The next Sisters Chat Room in on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 7:00 pm.  Registering is easily done right on the web page from the calendar link.



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