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We invite single, Catholic women ages 19 - 38, with a willingness to serve those in need, to join us for this exciting extended week-end of volunteering and faith sharing with the Sisters of Bon Secours in Baltimore. Women can share their gifts and work as a team in a soup kitchen, community garden, a drop-in- center for women, a family support/learning center and senior housing. Learn More / Register

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Hello, I am Sister Rose Marie Jasinski, leader of our Congregation in the United States. I am delighted you came to visit our website and have prepared a short video introducing you to the site components. Enjoy!

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An Invitation

There are so many opportunities for women today! When it comes to choosing a career, owning a home, having a family, and the opportunity to be financially independent, women can do just about anything they put their minds to. Interestingly though, in a world where "you can be anything you want", religious life is often not talked about as an option. So, why be a sister?
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