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Sister Spotlight – Sr. Chris

Sr. Chris Webb says she wanted to be a Sister since she was three years old. Why…because a Sister played the pipe organ at church, and her grandmother said only Sisters were allowed to play it. But when she was old enough to look into religious life she was turned down because she had juvenile diabetes. At that time, the average life expectancy for a diabetic was only 32, so it was assumed she couldn’t do ministry with her medical condition.

Sr. Chris got married, had two sons and enjoyed being a mother. She worked at Bon Secours St. Francis in Charleston, South Carolina as a medical technologist in the lab for more than 20 years, and the desire to become a sister never went away.

When her marriage ended, she was single for about 14 years when she started seriously considering again becoming a sister. She got in touch with our current Vocation Director, Sr. Pat Dowling, and started the discernment process. Her grown sons supported her the whole way, even telling her it was time for her to do what she wanted to do.

Sr. Chris’ advice to a woman considering religious life: Live a life with no regrets. If it’s something you are considering, it’s worth taking a leap of faith.


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