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Hello from Indianapolis. The Sisters of Bon Secours are attending SEEK2019 sponsored by Focus, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students whose mission is to share the Gospel with college and university students. 17,000 students from universities across the United States and four countries are here to learn more about their relationship with Jesus and how to share him with their companion students back home.

Bishop Alphonses Cullinan  from Waterford, Ireland whose great aunt was a Bon Secours sister in Ireland dropped by to say hello and introduce himself. He is here with 50 young adults from Ireland.  He is most interested in our Bon Secours Young Adult programs and their evolution. I’m looking forward to sharing more about not only the Sisters of Bon Secours and our life, but to getting to know the students who are passionate about their faith.

Peace and blessings,

Sr. Pat Dowling

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