Sr. Pat Dowling, CBS

Sr. Pat Dowling, CBS

Hi! Thanks for wondering who I am. I entered the Sisters of Bon Secours at age 25. Over time God has called me to use my gifts in a variety of ways. Entering with a business degree, I began my ministry as a nursing home administrator first in Michigan and then in Florida. Moved by the tremendous needs in South America, I asked to be missioned to Ecuador where I was both Administrator of a parish with no priest and a multi-service health clinic that I developed. Coming back to the USA, with the support of my community I started a resource center for women who are poor, which I loved! Currently I am using my gifts as the Vocation Director for our community in the USA, guiding women as they consider life as a religious sister in active ministry. Because of my leadership skills, I've served on our Sisters of Bon Secours, USA country leadership team, as well as a variety of Congregation boards and committees. My education includes a bachelor of science degree in hotel, restaurant and travel administration from the University of Massachusetts and a master's degree in health care administration from George Washington University. As you see, sisters are called to use their gifts in amazing ways!

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