Theresa Duff

Theresa Duff

Theresa Duff was born and educated in England. After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in French Studies, she traveled to Belgium where she worked as a secretary and translator for several years before relocating to Qatar where she was employed by a Danish company there. Ultimately she returned to the United Kingdom and settled in Scotland where she has lived for the last thirty five years. Theresa currently works for a charity that supports both children and adults with learning disabilities. Her connection with the Sisters of Bon Secours began in 1991, when she was working at the Glascow Hospital as a Personal Assistant and Secretary to the Chief Executive, Sister Irene Jamieson, CBS. Shortly after the hospital closed in 2000, a Bon Secours Associate group was formed which she was invited to join. Theresa remains an active member of the Associate program today. She considers it a great privilege and source of spiritual support.

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My favorite place to walk my dog near to where I live is a wind farm which covers 25 square kilometers of moorland known as Eaglesham Moor. The moor has long been renowned for extreme weather and is always windy! … Continue reading


Lambs: the enduring image of springtime.  Everyone loves to see them out in the fields gamboling in the sunshine.  At our “Good Shepherd” Mass this past Sunday, I was moved by the Gospel reading with its reassurance that “there will … Continue reading


Love or loathe them, we all have them: birthdays. March 3rd was a landmark birthday for my brother-in-law, Richard, and he was not at all happy about entering a new decade. This got me to thinking about our differing attitudes … Continue reading


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